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Plants provide an uplifting feeling, keep this vibe growing by transforming your living space and
bringing beautiful greenery into your home. Style your indoors with plants by selecting a statement piece.
Look for form, shape, and scale, then dress your plant with a pot and pot base that matches the color palette
you are going for. Style by using layers, grouping plants, or by creating levels.

Visit your local garden center to source from various indoor plants such as Ficus lyrate, Dracaena, Succulents,
Hedera Ivy, Ponytail Palm, Sansevieria, Bromeliads, Spathiphyllum, Orchids, ZZ Plant, plus more!

Tips to Selecting Houseplants:

LIGHTING – Place indoor plants in spots in your house that have good light (TIP: Best Indoor plants for low light
areas inside the home are Fern Arum, Rattlesnake Plant, Peace Lilly, and Snake Plant)

ASK FOR ADVICE – Talk to a TNLA Certified Professional at your Local Nursery, and they can provide you with
the answers you are looking for

TAKE A PIC – Take a picture of the label or sign of the plant you are purchasing, telling you the specifics about the plant

POTTERY – Select a pot for your plant this is at least 2” or larger in diameter, and make sure you also grab a base tray to
catch drainage (Tip: place the plant inside the new pot to assess height)

POTTING MIX – Fresh potting mix needs a soil structure that is moisture retentive and well-draining to give roots access to
air and water also need porosity and pH balance to help indoor plants thrive.

Watering Rule of Thumb:

  • Cacti and Succulents need periods of dry soil before watering again
  • Plants with thick, lush, and green leaves need to be watered more frequently
  • Plants with waxy leaves need less frequent watering

PRO TIP: Water Meters can measure the number of water houseplants needed. (Signs of improper watering include slow
leaf growth, brown and dried leaf edges, or curled yellow lower leaves on the plant.)