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Foodscape Gardens

Transform a landscape into a stunning foodscape and reap the benefits of what you grow by adding edible vegetables and herbs.

DESIGN – Plan your design, look at the contrast color, height, and placement of the plants, select vegetables and combine them with ornamentals to cohabitate and grow together.

BED DESIGN – Raise the soil of the bed to at least 30 inches and amend the soil with a soil conditioner and loosen it before planting (Foodscaping can also be created by planting in raised beds or containers)

Inspirational Foodscaping Ideas:

  • Use Blueberry trees to line a pathway
  • Coneflowers can create a well-defined impact
  • Carrots, and onions, can be grown in the Fall and Winter Months
  • Basil and tomatoes like the warmer Summer season

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